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Jeffrey A. Eggeman 

    Hello, My name is Jeffrey A. Eggeman.  Everyone calls me Jeff for short.  I am running for City Council Ward 1.  You may have heard of me, if not, here is my background.  I have lived in Nevada for almost twenty years.  I have lived in North Las Vegas for over ten years.  I graduated from UNLV in 1996 with a Bachelors in Business Administration-Management.  I drive a tow truck at a auto auction place, here in North Las Vegas.  I love living in Nevada and raising my family here and working hard to improve the community.

    These are the reasons for why I am running for City Council in North Las Vegas.  I have many ideas and solutions to problems that persist in the community. 

    A. Losee Road needs real stoplights (Losee and Tropical) they are dangerous and have been there for a long time. 
    B. Stop building bridges to nowhere. You know the one I am talking about, the one over I-15.
        Right next to a perfectly good one, Carey Road.
        Waste of our money and doesn't go anywhere.
    C. When is that City Park going to open on Craig Road.  And North Las Vegas citizens should
        not be charged to enter our own park.
    D. Ditch the idea of making North 5th Street a corridor.  Instead, make Losee Road a corridor and extend it past
        Lake Mead Road.  It runs parallel with I-15 and makes more sense in case of accidents or emergencies.
    E. Make the cell phone companies upkeep their towers better.  The one by me is supposed
        to be a pine tree.  It has lost all its 'needles' and looks shabby.
    F. Stop building islands in roadways that are anti-business.  You have to drive way past a business
        do an illegal u-turn in order to go to that business. 
    G. Planting already dead palm trees in these islands.
    H. Improve flood controls, like Tropical and Walnut, and Ann Road and Bruce.

Some of these are not the City Council job scope, but I will work full-time on this and get the job done.  I will work more better with the Federal, State, and especially the County authorities.  I am very persistent at getting what I want.

    A. Twice a week pick-up or cut our bill in half.
    B. We used to have twice a week pick-up, now no more.  But, our bill hasn't changed. 
        I have also noticed they have smaller crews, so the price should be lower, right.

    A. Small businesses are struggling in North Las Vegas.  Just look at the corner of MLK and Craig.
    B. Make North Las Vegas a Free Trade Zone.  We need to take advantage of our plenty of warehouses, 
        I-15, railroad, and our airport.
    C. Have businesses (especially California ones) relocate here, telling them the advantages of
        low taxes and a willing work force.  Stop depending on one industry that is boom and bust
        and is currently in a bust.  We need to diversify.

    A. I am a man of my word.  I do not appreciate shadiness in threatening our police and fire workers livelihoods.
    B. On the flip-side, I am perfectly able to say No.  I am a good negotiator and am willing to talk to both sides
        to make a satisfactory deal for both sides.  Without giving away the store.  Both sides need to come together,
        and I am one that can do this.

    A. I am not a sellout nowhere on my website do I beg for money.  How can I stand up to special interests if I
        pocket their money.
    B. I have funded my own campaign out of my own pocket.  Last year, I earned $15,000 at my job. 
        One of my opponents has pocketed $17,000 from just two special interest groups.  Now tell me
        how is this not going to be influential.
    C. North Las Vegas deserves better.  No more buying off candidates and free our system of payouts.  Join me
        in giving back the power to the people.
    North Las Vegas has some of the highest property taxes in the state.  We need to stop squandering the peoples money, on projects we don't need (bridges to nowhere, Taj Mahal city hall, and water plants).  And work more on improving our property values.  I am a proven leader. I will listen to the people and my door will always be open. I have served in the military and I have the fortitude.  Elect me and together we can make North Las Vegas a better place.  You can contact me anytime.  My e-mail is I am also on FaceBook, Twitter or call my cell phone 204-2382.  The 'LVRJ' is almost a monopoly with no alternative say, so it is no problem in telling you the truth about me. 

Sincerely, Jeff Eggeman.
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